15 January 2017


I probably have the palest skin going, especially now we're in the wintery months and ceeeebs to be fake tanning in the dark! Tbh, I can't remember the last time I fake tanned and I'm quite enjoying not going to the effort and breaking my bank to fork out for a bottle of St Tropez.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my new, favourite foundation to date.

In Universal skin terms, I am NW13 in MAC. However, MAC just isn't really doing it for me this winter, so I was on a hunt for a replacement... and I believe I've found it.

Product: Estée Lauder - Double Wear Foundation in Cool Vanilla

Price: £31.00

Packaging: The foundation comes in a traditional, old lady looking packaging but the actual product is quite elegant. It's a glass pot with a gold lid. It's missing the skirty pump which is a bit annoying, but it is functional.

Coverage: The product gives a medium coverage, but can be built up to a full coverage. If you're looking for a product that will fully cover blemishes without the need for a concealer, this is a good product for you. 

Final Verdict: I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this product but for me, because it lasts all day, I do think it's amazing. The Double Wear foundation gives me coverage all the way through the day and is excellent for a night out too. It's not so "paint-like" which I think the MAC Studio Fix Fluid sometimes feel like - a bonus in my eyes. The colour was matched really well to my skin tone too. The lady I got matched by was so lovely, she was so keen to introduce me to the brand, their products and their other beauty line; the Estée Edit (I now have my eye on a few things!) 

I probably won't be wearing this as much in the summer truth be told because I think I'll be opting for a more lightweight option, such as the the MAC Prep + Prime. The Prep + Prime offers a similar amount of coverage to a tinted moisturiser and has 35spf, which compared to Estée Lauder's 10spf, is a slightly better option for the summer months.

I do think this product is worth a shot if you're prepared to stump up the £31.00. If you're on the fence, ask for a sample to try it out before you buy!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this foundation or what your current fav is. 


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