07 May 2017

A week in South Australia

If you follow me on Instagram (@skgledhill), you will probably know that Tom and I have just got back from an amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand!

Katie, Tom's sister was graduating from Adelaide University which gave us a perfect excuse to fly over and see a bit more of South Australia (and New Zealand, but I'll get to that in a few posts time). We only had jet lag for one night so managed to squeeze a lot into the five days we were in Adelaide.
Besides visiting the various gorgeous beaches, we visited Belair National Park park and saw two koalas and six or seven kangaroos. My pic of the koala is a bit hazzzzzyyyyy so enjoy the one of the kanga.. I love them and don't see how the novelty could ever wear off. If I lived in Aus my head would permanently be up looking for Koalas, I love um!

Before the graduation, we thought it'd be rude not to travel into McLaren Vale and sample some fiiiine Aussie wines. We went down to Victor Harbour first as we heard it's beaut, and that was no lie. Victor Harbour is stunning and I'd recommend to do the 45 min short walk around Granite Island, especially if it's a nice sunny day. Tom was a bit miffed that I'd told him to wear jeans that day because the weather app didn't show it was gonna be hot/sunny. When it got over 23 degrees...well you can probably tell how thankful he was...

We stayed at Serafino, which was a cute family run vineyard with 30 rooms onsite. We dropped our bags of in our room and went over to the Cellar Door to sample some wine. It wasn't quite what I was expecting from what I'd read on the website prior to our arrival, but it was nice to visit. I'm not sure if it was the time we went, but we thought it lacked in atmosphere and we left more confused about the variety of wines than we did when we went in.

I think next time we do something like this, we'll join a wine tour that takes you through the vineyards, rather than depending on the wine connoisseur at the resort. Not that he wasn't informative, just that it lacked the customer experience we were hoping for.

We had dinner at Serafino restaurant and all I can say was that it was one of, if not one of the best meals I have ever had. It definitely made up for the not-as-good-as-I-thought wine experience. The staff were so accommodating and even opened all the doors when they saw us coming towards the restaurant. I'd give 15/10 for hospitality!
The next day we travelled back to Adelaide in preperation for the graduation. It was so lovely to be invited and be fortunate enough to go all that way. It was a really sunny and hot day, quite the opposite to the day Tom and I graduated on when it rained for the majority of it. Graduations over there are much like they are here (minus the heat). Long, brain numbing speeches and giggles from the audience when an odd name came up!
Next up on our to do list was Melbourne! Post to follow...

Sar x


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