14 May 2017

Two days in Melbourne, Australia

Tom and I did 6 weeks on the East Coast of Australia 2 years ago, but we didn't get further south than Sydney. So this time round, Melbourne was high up on the to do list.
Tom and I both caught colds during our flight from Adelaide to Melbourne, so excuse the scraped back hair and chapped nose!We had both done a bit of research before we went and discovered the free City Circle Tram system and the free tram zones, which was absolutely fabulous for us first-time visitors. We stayed at a City Edge Apartment near the Victoria Markets, so we were in easy reach of the free tram to get in and out of the city. Being next to the Victoria Markets too meant that we could have a fresh coconut each morning!We spent the majority of it walking around the CBD and taking in the scenery and the atmosphere. It's got a totally different vibe to the other places we've visited in Australia and I could definitely see myself living there one day (maybe).Tom and I caught a cold while we were on the flight from Adelaide ~ Melbourne so you won't see many pics of us here... we were a bit of a mess. Me with scraped hair and a chapped nosed! ha..Everywhere we looked there was either a performer, singer, musician or a magician. We stopped and watched this girl on her german wheel and she was incredible! We also started to watched a comedian on Federation Square next to Flinders Street railway station, but a flippin' seagull swooped out of nowhere and stole the sushi roll out of my mouth. As you can probably guess, we didn't stick around there for long..

Whilst we were over near Southbank we took a trip up Eureka Tower. It wasn't the nicest of weather in Melbourne during our trip but it was clear enough for us to see right down towards St. Kilda!  
We knew Melbourne is referred to as Australia's cultural capital and it's famous street art so we obviously went and had a look down some of the lanes. 

We went to Hosier Lane first which is between Flinders Street and Collins Street. Apparently, local and international artists use the walls to explain their stories and show their work. Even without knowing the stories behind the paintings, the graffiti is so interesting to look at and much nicer than you'd see in England! 
These two were getting their wedding photos done there too! In the evening, we went to see a comedian at the Athenaeum Theatre and after managed to catch up with an old university friend over a glass of wine in a local bar. It really is such a small world isn't it?!

Tom and I managed to rack up 20,000 steps a day in Melbourne (even with going on the free tams), least to say we we slept well!


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